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Looking for a Home in the Memorial Area of Houston? Here’s What You Need to Know

The Memorial area of Houston is located just west of Downtown, and south of Spring Branch. It was originally annexed by Houston over the course of several decades, starting in the 1950s, and today Memorial represents one of Houston’s most beautiful neighborhoods.

Throughout the 1960s, multiple subdivisions began to blossom and flourish, including Nottingham Forest, Fonn Villas, and Memorial Bend, which is known for its inclusion of mid-century modern homes.

If you’re looking for a potential home in the Memorial area, you may wish to know more about what the neighborhood offers, and the attractions of living there.


To begin with, Memorial is situated fairly close to Downtown Houston, which makes it convenient to the city. It’s bordered by Buffalo Bayou and Barker Reservoir, and known for its forested land.

It also has convenient access to Interstate 10 and the Katy Freeway, so it’s excellently situated for inbound and outbound travel. The Metropolitan Transit Authority furnishes public transportation throughout the area, but most people get around by car.

The area is also known for its low levels of crime, boasting a rate of 2,146 crimes per 100,000 people. That’s lower than the Houston total of 5,364 as well as below the national average of 2,860.

Population Information

The total area of the district is 10.75 square miles, with a population of 44,413. This renders a population density of 4,131 per square mile, which again is lower than Houston overall.

The population is heavily conservative, and the median age is 45.9. About 79 percent of people in the area are homeowners, and have a median income of $105,000.


One of the most appealing aspects of the Memorial district are the number and quality of parks it has in the environs. Most of Memorial is bordered on the south by Terry Hershey Park, which stands on both sides of Buffalo Bayou between Beltway 8 and Barker Reservoir. The park features long stretches of trails and scenic views, so it’s very appealing to runners and cyclists.

Bendwood Park, near Town and Country Village, is another popular destination, since it has playground equipment for children; and Nottingham Park, in the Energy Corridor, features a small water park (called a splash park) open to the public.

School Districts

Memorial neighborhoods can brag of having some of the best schools in the city, which is probably a significant factor in the high value of homes here. Frostwood Elementary, Memorial Drive Elementary, and Bunker Hill Elementary are among the top-ranked elementary schools in the region, while Memorial Middle School and Memorial High School deliver excellent education in the upper grades.

Lot Sizes and Prices

Compared to Tanglewood or River Oaks, land values are lower in Memorial. That’s why, when you search for homes in Memorial, Houston, you’ll see many large-sized lots with open yards and numerous trees. If you’re looking for an inner-loop neighborhood, but desire more land and privacy, Memorial is one of your best options.

Recent Renovation

The Memorial area didn’t stop developing in the 1980s. Between 1999 and 2003, the city experienced a $600 million renovation, which created a mixed-use district that’s home to several office buildings, apartments, and hotels today.

A few years later, in 2005, the city also developed CityCentre, an upscale shopping, residential, and business complex that’s considered highly walkable.


If you’re looking for amenities, Memorial has plenty to offer. The Galleria, a massive shopping center near Houston, is home to a number of upscale stores and restaurants, as well as hotels, offices, and a private health club.

It’s the largest mall in Texas and the seventh largest in the U.S. Memorial is also home to Energy Corridor, a business district that largely serves the energy industry and is home to more than 300 companies that employ 94,000 people.

Types of Homes Available

Many different types of homes are available in Memorial, thanks to the long stretch of development that the district experienced as well as its large area. There are town homes, ranch homes, and new constructions, as well as larger estates.

Many different builders operate in this area, and vary in quality, so pay close attention to the build of your home before you choose one.

Is Memorial Right for You?

If you’re considering moving to the Houston area, Memorial may be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re interested in higher-value homes. The average listing price in the Memorial region is close to $600,000. There are many different styles of residences available, however, so don’t let the average listing price scare you away. Choices range from huge estates to modest homes, and everything in between. Given its low crime rate and access to high-quality schools, residences will likely retain their value for a long time.
  • You work for the energy industry. If you have a job lined up with one of the major firms in Energy Corridor, or you have experience in the energy industry and you’re looking to work for a local company, Memorial may be an exceptional fit.
  • You want lush natural scenery. This is one of the best districts in the Houston metro area for proximity to parks and natural scenery. Most homes have spacious lots, with greenery and trees in the backyard, and even those that don’t are remarkably close to the Bayou and parks.
  • You’re active and love the outdoors. If you enjoy jogging, walking, or biking, this is a good district for all of those. Not only do you have access to tons of local parks, but you also have walkable urban areas like CityCentre, where you can always find interesting things to do.
  • You’re open about the type of home you want. The diversity of home styles in the area make Memorial one of the best places to start a home search if you aren’t sure what you want. Home structures date between the 1950s and the 2010s, with all manner of different builders and price ranges to choose from.

If you want to learn more about what the district has to offer, or you’re ready to start viewing properties in the area, you’ve come to the perfect place to do either one. We have a robust home search tool that lets you search homes throughout the Memorial area, so you can take a giant step closer to finding your dream home by talking to us.