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Your Complete Guide To Making League City Your Home

The largest city in Galveston County, League City is a historic part of the greater Houston area and can trace its roots all the way back to the Akokisa Native American tribe. Later displaced by Anglo settlers and subsequently heavily populated by Italian and Japanese immigrants, League City is now considered one of the best places for young families and job hunters in all of Texas.

What makes League City such a great place to call home? At the heart of that answer lies great jobs, a phenomenal school system, and a thriving community ecosystem, but the pleasures of living in League City go far beyond that.

The Homes Of League City

In League City, the majority of people own their homes, which is no surprise if you consider the fact that the area’s median household income is well above that in the rest of Texas, while the average home price is fairly low relative to their size. As of 2017, the average price for a 3 bedroom, single-family home was just $345,000.

Because home prices are low relative to income, far fewer people rent their homes than in the rest of Texas, but the apartments that are available are quite attractive and have excellent amenities. For example, the Hawthorne at South Shore apartments are pet-friendly, offer waterfront views, and have a top-quality, onsite gym. Other apartment offerings are similarly luxurious.

League City Employment Opportunities

League City is considered an ideal home for anyone seeking employment because of its growing economy, low unemployment rate, and economic revitalization plans, and the city truly offers job opportunities for individuals in a wide range of fields. The majority of League City residents work in management, science, and arts roles, with another significant portion doing sales and similar office work. As with many Texas cities, a number of residents are also employed in natural resources and construction activities.

One project that’s currently bringing new jobs to League City is the Main Street Implementation Plan. This project aims to expand on the town’s cultural offerings while also adding to the local business scene. Taken as a whole, this project aims to help cultivate the downtown area as a community hub for League City.

Education In League City

League City has an excellent school system rating, 8 out 10 from GreatSchools. The area is served primarily by Clear Creek ISD and also boasts 3 charter schools and several private institutions, including religious programs and early childcare centers.

Henry Bauerschlag Elementary School is one of the top schools in League City. A pre-k through 5th school, Bauerschlag focuses on student-directed learning, while the similarly excellent Ferguson Elementary emphasizes curriculum personalization and collaborative work.

Older students in Leauge City typically attend Leauge City Intermediate School, which boasts a great orchestra program as part of their fine arts education, and then move on to Clear Springs High School, although they may also attend another nearby secondary school. Clear Springs and Clear Falls both have a GreatSchools rating of 9 out of 10, making them the best high school options in the area. These schools have high academic standards, extensive arts programs, and a long list of clubs that foster exploration and community.

Community Life In League City

With about 100,000 people, League City is fairly small as far as major urban areas go, leading to especially strong community relationships. Neighbors gather in the extensive parks (there are over 600 acres of parkland in League City proper), hike the trails, and participate in beloved city events like the Holiday in the Park Parade and Festival. The wealth of resources in League City encourages neighbors to come together throughout the year and enjoy all the area has to offer.

One thing that League City residents are passionate about is sports, and athletics life here centers on the Big League Dreams Sportsplex. BLD is home to several replica fields, including replicas of Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, and offers softball and soccer leagues for adults. It’s a great place for adults to get some exercise and socialize in a laid back environment.

League City is deeply connected to its history and likes to foster a relationship to the past in people of all ages. One way that they do this is through the West Bay Common School Children’s Museum. The museum, located in the town’s original one room schoolhouse, offers a historical story time and other classes and encourages children to interact with history in a hands on way in this traditional classroom setting.

League City Attractions And Activities

League City is a waterfront area, so many of the attractions in the city are centered on the harbor. This includes the popular South Shore Harbor Marina on Clear Lake and the Kemah Boardwalk. The boardwalk is especially popular with families since it features an array of rides, an interactive stingray and rainforest exhibit, and a welcoming selection of restaurants, including the Aquarium restaurant where the stingray exhibit is located.

Every Spring, League City hosts a music festival and barbecue competition that attracts people from across the state. Sponsored primarily by the local Lions Club, the music festival is a key fundraiser for organizations including the Helen Hall Library, Devereux Texas – an alternative school for students with behavioral disabilities, and Disaster Relief Aid. As such, the event is as much a celebration of great food and music as it is a core way in which League City residents come together in support of each other.

Interestingly, bird watching is also a very popular past time in League City and is actually considered one of the top five bird watching cities in the country. Why is it such a great place for the ornithologically-inclined? It all has to do with location. Because League City is on the water, it’s home to over 220 species of birds and the warm weather keeps the population bustling all year round. The area is also especially popular with migratory species, and a number of endangered bird species make their homes here.

A Place To Call Home

League City is a place of boundless opportunity and it has been since the earliest settlers opened the first brickyard here in the 1800s. Today, though the prominent industries have changed, people continue to flock to the city. Are you ready to call League City home?

With a vibrant, yet low-key community life, excellent jobs, and an outstanding school system, there’s no reason to hesitate about relocating to one of the best cities in Texas. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – Green Residential has everything you need to make your move a success. Consult our relocation resources for a comprehensive home search tool covering the League City marketplace.

A big city with a small town feel, League City is ready to welcome you.