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A Touch Of Nature: Everything You Need To Know About Kingwood, Texas

For those who love the Houston area but don’t want to live in the big city, the Kingwood suburbs are an ideal home base. At just 65,000 people, Kingwood is also known by the nickname the “Livable Forest” as a nod to its 75 miles of greenbelt and over 500 acres of nature preserves and parks. Located 23 miles from Houston, Kingwood is perfect for those who feel at home in nature.

Kingwood may be small but it’s a thriving community that’s perfect for raising a family. Are you considering making Kingwood your home? From education to cultural attractions, here’s everything you need to know.

The Homes Of Kingwood

Kingwood is a fairly young development, created in 1971, and is populated by beautiful and reasonably priced homes. The vast majority of these are single-family homes, with only about a dozen town homes or condos in the area. The single-family homes, however, do come in a variety of styles.

As of early 2017, the average asking price for a single-family home in Kirkwood was about $350,000. Don’t be fooled, though – these aren’t small homes. Typically, we’re talking about stylish 4 or 5-bedroom homes on sizable pieces of property. Many feature swimming pools and most have large yards, perfect for a play structure or garden.

Educational Opportunities

Because Kingwood is so family-oriented, it’s no surprise that the area has an excellent school system, earning a grade of 8 out of 10 from GreatSchools and the public Kings Manor Elementary School is one of the best performing in the bunch. Serving children in pre-k through fifth grade, Kings Manor features a unique dual-language program that offers combined instruction to native-English speakers and English language learners. The school also boasts an honor choir and Orff Ensemble.

Kingwood is also home to several private Christian schools, a pre-k through grade eight Montessori program. For older students, there are three high schools, one Christian school, and public high schools that are part of Humble ISD. Finally, Kingwood is home to a Lone Star College campus.

Working In Kingwood

Whether you’re considering a move to Kingwood because you’ve been offered a job here or you’re still searching for employment, there are many excellent opportunities in the area. Among the available supports is Kingwood Personnel, the local recruiting firm with over thirty years of employee placement experience. They work with companies in a wide variety of fields, specializing in clerical placements, customer service, HR, and manufacturing, among other sectors. Kingwood Personnel is an ideal springboard into the local job market and can help you find long term placement.

Many men in the Kingwood area also work in the oil and gas industry, as evidenced by branches of the ExxonMobil spouse’s auxiliary group and Texaco spouses groups. For those with spouses who are often absent in the oil fields, Kingwood is a great place to find support among others in the same situation. In fact, in the 1970s and 1980s, Kingwood was home to so many Exxon employees that it was sometimes called Exxon-town. Though the town has diversified since then, that history remains strong.

Great Green Spaces

As noted, Kingwood is known for its extensive green areas and wildlife and you could live here for several years before having time to explore the many parks. One of the most popular is East End Park, a sizeable preserve home to deer, otters, and even alligators. Locals regularly gather here to hike and fish, though hunting is prohibited.

For a more low-key outing, there are plenty of other options in Kingwood, including Town Center Park, a classic gathering space for holiday festivities – think Fourth of July barbecues, music, and craft fairs – and River Grove Park, which is perfect for picnics. Don’t forget, you can use the greenbelt paths through Kingwood on your daily travels to school and work if you bike or walk.

Kingwood Arts And Culture

For those interested in being part of an arts scene, Kingwood offers a few excellent art institutions, as well as many creative clubs. The Watson Huff Gallery is popular with those who are interested in the visual arts while those who enjoy live music can spend the evening at Cactus Moon Blues Café. You can also see a variety of different art forms at the Nathaniel Center.

Alternatively, for those who want to make their own music, there’s the Kingwood Chorale and Chamber Orchestra, a talented classical music group based in the area, as well as the Kingwood Big Band for those who prefer a slightly more hip style. More casually, members of the Kingwood community participate in a quilting group, photo club, children’s theatre, and square dance club. The potential for engagement is endless.

Get Out And Play

There are clubs and there are parks, but what about when you need a bigger diversion to keep the kids busy? Don’t worry, Kingwood has plenty such activities on offer. On rainy days, pack up the young ones and head to Fun Little Tykes indoor playground or the Jumpalooza inflatables gym. And older kids are sure to get a kick out of family skate center or black light mini golfing in neighboring Humble.

During the summer months, kids and adults alike spend time at the Bear Branching Pool. Bear Branch offers an indoor and outdoor pool, hosts the local swim teams, and is regularly monitored by lifeguards. Many kids also attend local summer camps, whether at the Red Riding Hood Theater Camp, Allegro’s Piano Camp, or at a sports or religious camp.

No matter what you love, Kingwood is a small town with something to offer everyone – and it’s nestled in one of the most beautiful areas of Texas. How many other towns keep you within 25 miles of a vibrant city like Houston while simultaneously allowing you to live in the midst of a true forest?

Kingwood is a town where everyone knows their neighbors, where you’ll feel safe and part of a community. If you want to partake in Kingwood’s extraordinary spirit while basking in the living forest, Green Residential can help. Consult our extensive home search system to find the perfect Kingwood house. Come enjoy the wildlife, grow with our schools and clubs, and make a home in Kingwood. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.