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What You Need to Know Before You Move to the Heights—Houston Heights

Houston Heights, known casually as “the Heights,” is located in the northwest-central area of Houston, and home buyers frequently turn to it when they’re on the market. Generally regarded as one of the most energetic and radically transformed districts in the city, the Heights are attracting a diversity of homeowners, and constantly developing new stores, restaurants, and attractions.


The Heights are located about four miles northwest of Downtown, which make this district close enough to the city to support commuters. The area is bordered by Interstate 10 on the south, Interstate 610 on the north, and North Shepherd Drive on the west, all of which make it highly accessible.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority makes public transportation readily available, and there are multiple bike trails that were created as part of a “rails-to-trails” conversion project. The main trail stretches between 26th Street to 7th along Nicholson, and from Shepherd along 7th Street. It connects to the University of Houston and the general Downtown.


The history of the area is one of its biggest appeals. Back in 1891, millionaire Oscar Martin Carter and a collection of independent investors purchased and developed land in the area, to make it a streetcar suburb of Houston that appealed to people who wanted to live close to the center, but didn’t like the density there.

After World War II, the city evolved to become more industrial, and in the 1970s this was regarded as a low-income neighborhood. The population declined through the 1980s and 1990s, but since then, the region has undergone a revival.

More affluent residents have flocked to the area, buying and investing in historical homes to renovate and restore them, or tearing them down to make way for new construction.

Population Information

The population is 41,486, and it’s known for racial diversity. Many different age groups are represented as well.

The area is a part of the district that’s been nicknamed the “Hipstrict” because of its so-called “progressive, urban ethic.” The region has evolved its own quirky personality, and appeals to creatives, foodies, and architecture enthusiasts.


The Heights are home to a handful of parks and recreational areas. For example, the Heights Boulevard Park is a major attraction for locals, and the Milroy Park and Community Center offers tennis courts and a playground for local children. Love Park has basketball courts, a bike trail, and a swimming pool, and its Community Center contains an indoor gym, including a weight room.

School Districts

Schools in the area include Field Elementary, Harvard Elementary, and Helms Community Learning Center. Hamilton Middle School and Hogg Middle School serve middle schoolers, and Heights High School and Waltrip High round out the district’s secondary institutions.

Several schools in the area also cater to non-native English speakers, such as the Arabic Language Immersion School, and the Spanish-English bilingual program at Helms. This school district isn’t the highest rated in the Houston area, but it has made substantial improvements over the past several years.

Houston Heights is also near the Houston Community College.


People love the Heights for its eclectic array of different stores, shops, and restaurants. The architecture of the shopping district is a major draw, because it’s home to several pop-up shops, antique stores, thrift stores, and restaurants that serve unique culinary creations with quirky themes.

The first Saturday of every month means live music, crafts, plants, and art contributed by locals, and is a major draw. The Heights are also considered one of the most “walkable” Houston neighborhoods, because most of the establishments operate within a few blocks of residential areas.

Types of Homes Available

Thanks to the influx of affluent buyers, the value of properties in the Houston Heights area has been on a major upswing in recent decades. Since the 2000s, the area has gone from being a low-income neighborhood to one of the most exciting regions around Houston.

Some prices have inflated, but there are still good deals to be had … and the market is showing no signs of slowing down. Home value appreciation is anticipated to continue for the next several years, at least.

The homes in the area are mostly older, with some dating back to the 1800s. The unique architecture and historical origins of the city are what attract most homeowners. You’ll find historic homes that are completely intact, as well as old structures that have been renovated with new features.

Some new constructions have replaced older homes entirely. Accordingly, prices vary widely, depending on what you’re looking to purchase.

Is Houston Heights Right for You?

Are the Heights the right place for you to move? They may be if:

  • You have a fondness for old architecture. The homes, stores, and businesses in the area all feature old, Victorian designs that you’d have a hard time locating elsewhere in the city. If you love architecture and want to avoid the cookie-cutter character of the suburbs, this is the place to look for a home.
  • You want a diverse, thriving community. The population and community in the Heights are some of the most energetic and interesting in the Houston metro region. The Heights are home to artists, musicians, hipsters, and other people from a diverse assortment of cultural backgrounds. If that appeals to you, the Heights should sound like home.
  • You love to walk places. Though the area has easy access to multiple highways and major streets, the main appeal of the city is its walkability. Many trails and sidewalks support pedestrian traffic, and the number of antique stores and pop-up shops makes it irresistible for wandering around.
  • You want to invest in a growing neighborhood. The Heights have come a long way since their slump in the 1970s and 1980s, but the area is still on an upward trajectory. If you find the right property, this region promises a potentially lucrative investment as home prices continue to climb over the next few years.

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