7 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your House

    While we all love to watch those HGTV shows with starry-eyed couples bashing through walls and ripping out dated appliances in order to breathe new life into horrendous-looking homes, the infatuation with home remodels stops there for most of us. We’d rather not deal with the time, money, and mess that a remodel requires. But there’s a time and a place for updating an outdated home, even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    7 Signs You Need a Remodel

    Remodeling your house isn’t something you should take lightly. Not only do you have to be strategic with what changes and updates you make from a cost perspective, but you also need to think about the practicality of the job and how long it will take. Don’t get pressured into something just because it seems like everyone else is doing it.

    Unsure of whether or not you actually need a home remodel? Here are some signs that should point you in the affirmative direction.

    1. The House Looks Dated

    The first and most obvious reason for remodeling is a dated house. If you step into your home and it feels like you’re entering a time warp, then this is a clear sign that it needs some updating. You live in the 21st century – not the 1970s.

    Some of the most dated and cringe-worthy home design elements include: popcorn ceilings, floral wallpaper, linoleum flooring, wood paneled walls, shag carpet, excessive pine furniture, cheap brass hardware and light fixtures, and vertical blinds. If you have some of these in your home, it’s a clear sign that an update is in order.

    1. You’re No Longer Proud of Your Home

    Your home is your castle. It’s something that you should be proud to call yours. If you find yourself ashamed of your house and reluctant to entertain guests, then this is a sign that your house is in need of an update.

    Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot to update an old house. While there’s a time and place for creating additional square footage or changing the purpose of a room, you can give your house a facelift with much less effort. By installing new flooring, painting the walls, and swapping out hardware, light fixtures, and appliances, you’ll feel like you’re living in an entirely new house.

    1. Value Has Been Diminished

    Perhaps you just ordered an appraisal of your home – either for personal reasons or with the goal of refinancing – and you discovered that your house isn’t worth nearly as much as you thought. Assuming other factors are still the same – including the desirability of the neighborhood – it’s possible that your home has become outdated (stylistically and functionally).

    A home remodel can add a lot of value to your house. Whether you’re interested in staying in your home for another 10-plus years or you’re hoping to put it on the market soon, updating some key rooms and features will bring your house back up to par with the rest of the neighborhood.

    1. Your Family Has Grown

    If you purchased your home many years ago – before you had kids, or when you were just beginning to build a family – then you may be busting at the seams. This is often a problem for young families, becoming even more of an issue when kids grow up and shared rooms become less practical.

    While not always possible, you might be able to remodel your home and add a room. Another option is to convert unused space – like a garage or attic space – into a bedroom.

    1. You’ve Become Empty Nesters

    Some families find themselves moving in the opposite direction – from a house bustling with kids to an empty nest. If this is the case, then it’s possible you have unused space in the house. And while it doesn’t make sense to take away square footage, you can remodel and make the floor plan more functional.

    If you’re a hobbyist, you may want to convert a bedroom into a workshop or studio. If you enjoy exercising, the basement could be transformed into a home gym. You’ll be most satisfied with your remodel if you make it practical.

    1. You Don’t Want to Move

    While some people move because of a job, or simply because they get antsy, most families move out of necessity. In other words, they no longer fit in the house, or special circumstances have arisen.

    If you’re facing a situation where your house is no longer practical, you have two choices: move or remodel. If you don’t want to move, then you should start thinking about ways you can update your house.

    1. Your House Won’t Sell

     Perhaps you want to move, but your house won’t sell. Considering the market is pretty hot right now, this is an indicator that something is wrong with the house. Listen to what potential buyers are saying and use this information to help you plan a cost-effective remodel that will increase the sale price of your home and allow you to close a deal sooner.

    As a side note, be wary of spending too much on a remodel when you’re only doing it for the goal of selling. It’s easy to get a negative return on investment if you aren’t careful.

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    A home remodel is a decision that requires lots of planning and careful attention to detail. If you’re thinking about remodeling with the intentions of selling – either immediately or within the next few years – you need to talk to experts who understand the local real estate market to ensure you’re maximizing value. And nobody knows the Houston real estate market better than Green Residential.

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