Monthly Archives: September 2017

    • Here are 7 Things Buyers Really, Really Hate

      Is it time to finally sell your house so that you can move into something that’s a little more spacious, stylish, or convenient for your family? Deciding to sell is often an emotional and exciting thing. You’re saying goodbye to a place that was home to so many memories, while embarking on a new adventure... [Read More]
      Written by Leon Green
    • 9 Common Reasons Why Home Sales Fall Through Before Closing

      If you don’t have a lot of experience buying or selling homes, then you probably aren’t aware of the many moving parts. Not to be pessimistic, but there’s a lot that can go wrong in between the time an offer is accepted and when documents are signed at the closing table. Whether you’re a buyer... [Read More]
      Written by Leon Green
    • 6 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a House

      You’re a lifetime renter who has jumped from apartment to apartment over the years, looking for the best deals. All of your friends have gradually become homeowners and you’ve always wondered when the time will be right for you. But homeownership isn’t something you jump into because everyone else is doing it. You have to... [Read More]
      Written by Leon Green